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GALA Membership Benefits

As a member of the Georgia Association of Literacy Advocates (GALA), you will:

- Receive biannual issues of the Georgia Journal of Literacy (GJL), the official academic publication of GALA

- Receive biannual issues of the FOCUS Newsletter, the official newsletter of GALA

~Features Georgia literacy news, relevant literacy information for educators, and professional development resources

- Qualify to apply for awards, grants, scholarships sponsored by GALA

- Have access to up-to-date and relevant resources and materials related to literacy instruction and advocacy

- Publish, read, and share valuable information with colleagues

- Have opportunities to network and get involved in advocacy efforts across local, state, national, literacy communities

- Have opportunities for practical leadership within the organization

*Please note that you do not need to be a member of ILA to secure your GALA membership!

The mission of the Georgia Association of Literacy Advocates (GALA) is to promote literacy and equity in Georgia by providing resources and empowering advocates to improve access to reading and writing for all.

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