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Formerly, the Georgia Reading Association (GRA)

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Get Involved with GALA! 

We invite you to take an active role as a volunteer within GALA. Please consider joining one (or more!) of GALA's vibrant Working Committees. Led by a dedicated Chair/Member-at-large, each committee plays a pivotal role in driving our organization's mission forward.

Please email to share your interest in serving on one of

GALA's Working Committees.  

All four Working Committees are led by a Chair/Member-At-Large who is responsible for organizing the committee as a whole.

Working Committee CHAIR (Member-At-Large) Responsibilities

  • Attend all GALA Leadership Meetings to report on committee progress
  • Arrange for a proxy (committee member) if unable to attend
  • Organize and arrange working committee meetings when needed
  • Along with working committee members, develop a brief list of goals that the committee will work towards each fiscal year

Individual Working Committee Responsibilities

1.  Social Media Committee

  • Develop and implement a social media strategy to promote the organization's initiatives and events.
  • Create engaging and relevant content for various social media platforms.
  • Manage the organization's social media accounts, including posting updates, responding to messages/comments, and monitoring analytics.
  • Collaborate with other committees to gather content and information for social media posts.
  • Stay up to date with current trends and best practices in social media marketing.

2.  Membership Committee

  • Develop strategies to attract and retain members for the organization.
  • Coordinate membership drives and recruitment campaigns.
  • Respond to inquiries and provide information to potential and current members.
  • Maintain accurate membership records and databases.
  • Plan and coordinate member events, such as conferences, workshops, or webinars (in coordination with the Professional Development Committee).

3.  Grants/Scholarships/Awards Committee

  • Develop guidelines and criteria for grant applications, scholarships, and awards.
  • Review and evaluate applications, ensuring compliance with requirements.
  • Make recommendations for grant funding, scholarship recipients, and award recipients to the GALA Leadership Team.
  • Coordinate with recipients, provide necessary documentation, and track the progress or outcomes of funded projects.
  • Maintain a database of past recipients and successful grant applications.

4.  Professional Development Committee

  • Identify professional development needs and interests of organization members.
  • Plan and coordinate member events, such as conferences, workshops, or webinars to address these needs (in coordination with the Membership Committee).
  • Recruit and invite expert speakers or presenters to facilitate professional development events.
  • Coordinate logistics, scheduling, and registration.
  • Promote professional development opportunities to members through various channels (Smore & GALA website).
  • Gather feedback from participants and assess the effectiveness of professional development events.

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