About Us

GALA Goals:

  • Empower members of the Georgia Association of Literacy Advocates and local councils to become effective leaders in the field of literacy.

  • Provide quality literacy education services to all Georgia educators.

  • Recognize exemplary individuals and local and state literacy efforts.

  • Achieve maximum involvement of members at the local, state, and international levels to provide members maximum benefits.

  • Promote goals and objectives of the International Literacy Association.

  • Assist in implementing the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

  • Support literacy and other educational goals set for Georgia by the Georgia Department of Education.



Organizational Chart:

Chair Samuel Holton                                          Vice Chair

Chair Emeritus Davetta Grigsby                      Chair Elect Dale Suzanne Ioannides

State Coordinator Anita Beasley                     State Coordinator Elect Stephanie Sanders

Secretary Julie Walker                                       Treasurer Carol Hilburn     

Membership  Beth Pendergraft




2019-2020 GALA Board of Directors

2018-2019 GALA Board of Directors